Backflow Preventers

Have you ever thought about what separates your drinking water from non-potable water?

Water main pipe with back flow prevention, double block, and ble

Backflow Inspections and Repairs

Backflow occurs when non-potable water flows the wrong way or backwards in the plumbing system of your home or building and enters the drinking water system. This problem can come from just about any system that includes water, such as pools, sewers, and fire sprinkler systems.

When the pressure downstream in a plumbing system becomes higher than the pressure upstream, backflow occurs. If your building’s backflow pump is not in working order, it could have terrible repercussions. Building occupants could end up drinking water that is dangerous due to contamination.

The technicians at Stokes Plumbing inspect backflow systems based on the stringent guidelines set forth by local county requirements. If an issue is identified during an inspection, our team is also prepared to repair and service your equipment to keep your system working at all times.

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