Culvert Lining in Myrtle Beach

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The Stokes Plumbing team in action, tackling culvert lining in Myrtle Beach! Stokes Plumbing was contacted to check the condition of a 63-inch culvert pipe that was degrading and posing potential issues. This culvert pipe was 190-feet in length and ran directly underneath a major highway in Myrtle Beach. After video inspection of the culvert pipe, it was decided the best method of rehabilitation would be Cured-In-Place-Pipe lining.

Stokes Plumbing rehabilitated the original culvert pipe with zero digging, zero traffic control and zero disruption to the local Myrtle Beach community. If you have issues with drain, sewer, storm, or your septic system – call us today: 843-687-2696.

culvert lining in myrtle beach

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